How to Create an App for Play Store and App Store in 10 Easy Steps

In today’s world, we don’t create things just for our community but for the worldwide audience. The best example for this could be the applications that we find over the Play Store and App Store. Smartphone applications such as Uber, Tinder, or maybe the gaming Phenomenon PUBG are all being used by millions of users all around the World.

Although, in this scenario one can one can always think of coming up with the next best idea to shake the world. Also, an idea might have hit your head but what about the execution. You might be thinking of making an application for cooking or may be the medicine industry but you are lost from where to start. Worry not because we have written 10 Easy steps using which you can create an app, therefore, let’s dive in.

1.Brainstorm Your Idea !!!

Your idea may sound a little intimidating to you but is it really gonna work. After tonnes of hard work, you don’t want to invest time on an idea that may not be worthy of it. As an app maker just think how your application is going to benefit the people. Applications that engage people and solve their problem are the ones which have massive downloads.

2. Time to decide the Features

Well, an application is an empty shell if it doesn’t make up for the user experience. Although, that tick on the sheet can only be achieved if you think about adding some unique features other than the basic idea. It is important for you to give as much ease to the user and a couple of added features might solve it.

For instance, if you are making an application for cooking then it will be great if you add a share button for your users(to share the recipe with friends). This not only enriches their experience but also make your application more user friendly.

3. Competitor is the best Teacher

I was once sitting with a friend and thinking about app ideas. Although, whatever idea we came up with, the play store and app store already had something serving that purpose. Your idea may already be out there but is it working.

It is important to check for the competition to make your application work and accepted more. To achieve success in the industry, you have to see why your competitor’s application is working or maybe not. And lastly, think of new ideas to make it better. Most of it can be achieved by adding new and improved features along with making the application more user-savvy.

4. Make a Wireframe and the test cases

It is time to give your thoughts some reality. Till now it has all been in your head but now you need to start working on the basic skeleton. You can make a sketch of all the layouts or maybe use tools like Gliffy, Mockup, Balsamiq, etc to create a basic outline of your application. This Wireframe will include all the screen, features, and how a user will reach there. It is crucial to start the development of your application.

5. Time to test the Skeleton

You have started creating your first application and the Wireframe for it is finally ready. Although, to make up for a robust experience, you need to check the inflow. Make sure that you are not getting any hindrance while reaching a particular feature or frame. Also, the experience feels smooth and the important features are available to the user with ease.

6. Time for some new perspective

Since you have tested your Wireframe now it is time for some external insight. Before you reach the phase of development, it is necessary to cover all the pipe holes. To do so, you need to get your Wireframe reviewed from other people. Make sure you note down all the suggestions and features they have for you. Also, how there user-experience was. This will help you come up with something which is more accepted and user friendly.

7. Start the Phase 1 of Development

It is time for you to choose whether you wish to go native or cross platform(you might also go hybrid). I know being an entrepreneur, Budget and time are the two most important things. Native applications are generally more expensive and time consuming but they are faster and generally very efficient. Although, if you wish to deploy your app fast and at a cheaper price then cross platform is the way.

These applications are generally very basic in terms of features and if overloaded with them then might creates glitches while running. If you are developing your own application then it’s completely your choice. Although, if you have time and money at least I would suggest you to go with Native Applications.

8. Building of the Idea Begins

Now the actual development of the application begins. In this phase, you have to work with the designer and developer in complete unison to give life to your idea. It is important to monitor each and every phase of development especially the UI/UX part. Since, the UI/UX part of an application is the shell or packaging, it becomes important to pay extreme attention to it. It also becomes easy for the backend developer to write code if the UI/UX of the application is sorted.

9. Time to get your hands dirty

The final phase of the development process, it is time to test your application. It is important check for all the error or loopholes before you roll out the final product. Nobody is willing to use an application that is glitchy or gives poor app experience. Make sure before the launch what you have is the final product.

10. Launch

It is finally the time to release the idea you have been working upon. You may have created the application for Android or iPhone but upload it on the app store, you were working hard for. Now it is time to publicize your application to tell the world that something of this sort now exist and it is available on your Play Store or App Store.

So this was how you can create an app in 10 easy steps. As a developer or an entrepreneur, you might be creating an app for Android or iPhone but it is important to keep the flow to reach the deadline on time. End of the day it is about making money but always prefer giving the best without compromise. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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