What are the Requirements to create an App?

The world today is running over applications. People order food, book movie tickets,  book flight tickets, etc. sitting at home on their couch, all thanks to applications. Smartphone applications and web services have grown over us and it is good because they make our life easy. In fact, you may have a killer idea residing inside your head to start an application for helping people. Although, you don’t know the process by which you can create an app. A lot of people believe that creating an app is all about coding but it is a full-fledged process. Therefore, in order to help you, we have tried to answer your question of What are the requirements to create an App.

Establish an Idea

Your idea could be palpable or downright unrealistic. The most important thing that one needs to focus on is the use of that idea in the real world. A lot of inventors or entrepreneurs came up with new things, in fact, the Internet would have been an idea in the beginning. Although, figuring out its real-world application is a must.

Identify Features

Once you have framed an idea, it is important to identify the features. If you are looking to get your App Developed then it is important to pay attention to similar apps like your idea(if there are any). Try to build a robust application on your paper before approaching a developer, an App Development Company, or simply yourself. In case if your idea is new then make sure you brainstorm enough to decide the right set of features.


Wireframing is important as it would turn your palpable idea into a tangible one. Creating a wireframe will help you set the inflow of screens and features. This is also the first step of giving ease to the user. The more efficient your wireframe is, the better your User Experience will be. A Wireframe will also help the app developer or app creator to understand what are your exact requirements.

Development – Native, Cross Platform, or Hybrid

It could be a basic application or could be an advanced one. Why am I talking about it? Well, this would help you decide whether you wish to go Native, Cross platform, or Hybrid. You might also be having a certain budget. Native Applications will get you more control over the features and good UI/UX with speed but it is expensive and time-consuming.

Although, if you are going Cross platform though this may not be that expensive, it limits you to a certain extent. Cross platform is generally used when your app doesn’t have much functionality. Although, you can always go for a hybrid which will provide you a balanced experience.


It is important to make an initial prototype of your application to check for redundancies. This will not only give you an idea of how your app might behave in the future but will also help you figure out necessary inclusions.

Integration of Analytics

Some of the people might overlook this aspect but this is important for business engagement. Integration of analytics will provide you with data that you need to improve in the future. This will also ensure that whether your app is working or not. Also, tell you about your prospective audience and from where and how much engagement you are getting on your application.


This is the most important aspect of your development phase. A lot of people don’t pay attention to this and which leads to future bugs. Remember, you don’t want to provide a broken application to your users even if it’s free. A buggy application will create a negative impact and might be ridicule to your hard work. Testing makes sure that what you are providing is a seamless experience.

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