How to Create a Grocery App in 2019?

It was a dream come true for most of the vendors who saw the opportunity in the perishable goods market. Yes, I am talking about grocery and how the app revolution led to a more robust and reliable infrastructure for a Grocery app. Nowadays, you don’t have to run to your local stores to get your monthly grocery sorted instead you have the option of bringing the grocery to your doorstep. If you are a local grocery store owner who is thinking of something big or a person thinking of growing an entire chain, an application is your best bet. Therefore, in order to further help you to create an app for your grocery business, we have written this article.

1.Login and Registration

This is the point where you collect the data about your prospective customer. It is important to have these details filled. This feature will get you an idea about your target audience and the people that rely on your service. It also helps in profiling and catering to your customer better. You need a seamless registration/login otherwise most of the early customers seem to slip off hands.

2.Grocery Stores

In case if you are using the app for your own grocery store then you may not need it. Although, if there are multiple grocery stores in your app then it would be better to mention them separately. This feature gives you an advantage since people have their own preferences with Grocery stores.


It is essential to define the categories. An application is an archive of indefinite data which is gonna grow with time. If you create an app for your business then make sure you get this done. If someone is looking for detergent in your store then it shouldn’t be difficult for him to find his brand or see some other great options to try for.


The fundamental purpose of having an app is to deliver the groceries to the doorstep. For that, your delivery system needs to be robust and systematic. Auto Location Detect is a great feature to have. You can also give the option of multiple addresses and select an address automatically from the address book based on the GPS Location.

5.Offer Integration

The major competition that you are gonna face will be of providing a great offer. Well, integrating the type of offer is upon you but getting offer integration for your app is our recommendation. The experience needs to be the best and it’ll be great if you have push notifications for your application.


If this part has not been created well then it can lead to win or lose. This is the most important part of your app experience. If the payment on your app often stuck or you just don’t have all the popular online wallets then this might negatively affect the app experience.


It would be great if your customers can track the order real-time. It will make your app look more dependable and will help the user to predict the time of arrival for his/her order. If you want to create an app for the grocery this will accentuate the User Experience.

8.Customer Care and Chat Feature

It is an integral part of your app experience. Not everything is well anytime and for that your customers need assistance. Although, who better to provide assistance better than you. It will be great to have a chat feature using which customers can seek answers for their queries. Also, a customer care number along with a mailing address would be perfect.

Admin Grocery App

It is essential to have an admin panel for your grocery application. If you ask any developer to create an app for grocery then ask him for the admin panel too. It would make your work of uploading products very easily. You can have a shops profile as well as a customer’s profile. Also, getting analytics for your application is another great important thing that needs to be done. Analytics will help you determine the revenue and facts about how you can better yourself.

Getting to create an app for your Grocery app can be relatively easy since there are plenty of examples around. You can study similar Grocery applications and think about how you can outperform them. Also, once you are done with the idea get an app development company to create an app for you. We ourselves are an app development company known by the name Agicent Technologies. We are open even for consultation also if you wish to estimate the cost of your app then you can use our app cost calculator by clicking on the link. In case if you wish to read similar content like this then we have written a full-fledged article on create an app so click to reach it. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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