Two Cost Saving Benefits of React Native

Whenever someone is thinking of getting an app made, the two most common question in his/her mind is “How to Create an App?” and “What is the cost to Create an App?”. Although, apart from these two it is important for us as entrepreneurs to give the best User Experience. In order to achieve that most of the people usually take the native approach. Although, from the recent time going Native has not been that popular. Why? Well, it is time-consuming and quite expensive at the same time. With the native approach, you have to write a separate codebase for all platforms for which you are making your app. Also, there are many Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Framework that has come to light to create an App. Although, the most popular Framework among all of those is the React Native.

What is React Native?

Well, in simple words it is your answer to the question of “How to Create an App”. React Native is an extension of ReactJS which gives you the capability to make both the frontend as well as the backend of a mobile application. React Native was developed by Facebook to give a better user experience. The framework can easily be used to create an App in major platforms such as Android, IOS, and UWP. It gets you some extensive capabilities to code with ease and that is the reason it became so popular among app creators.

Two Cost Saving Benefits:

React Native runs directly on the device that you are operating. The Javascript code that is written on the React Native runs in the background. This approach was achieved by Serialization, batched and asynchronous bridge. The best part which enables React Native to be a world-class framework is the fact that the code written by app creator can be reused. This factor alone gives you two really important cost-saving benefits:

  • Development Cost is Reduced: The most important factor that is sole handedly responsible for increasing the cost is Time. Although with React Native since most of the code is reusable for both Android and IOS, it becomes easy for the app creator to make your application. Also, this leads to less consumption which leads to lower cost.
  • Lower Maintenance Fee: It won’t be wrong to say that React Native shares a single codebase(almost). Therefore, whenever there are changes all you have to do is make those changes once and that’s it. Also, React Native has its own virtual DOM which makes its element independent of each other. This means that changes made in a particular element won’t inflict changes in others.

So these were the two cost-saving Benefits of using React Native. Just in case if you wish to know about how to create an app then you can read our article by clicking here. We hope this article may have been of some help to you. Also, thank you for reading it until the end.

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